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Bob Bekian Co-Produces “SCREAM: The Untold Story”

Wes Craven at Loyal Studios Burbank

May of 2010 marked a return of the familiar faces of ‘Elm Street’ by the release of a DVD entitled, “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.”   And now, Daniel Farrands (Dir. of “A Haunting in Connecticut“), returns once again to a brand new Loyal Studios stage in Burbank, CA to put his creative touch on another iconic horror chronicle, “Scream”.

Farrands, of Panic Productions, was the first to use Loyal’s  latest green screen facility, eagerly shooting on the fresh stage shortly after the paint had dried.   Farrands, Thommy HutsonBob Bekian and Lito Velasco have collaborated to produce “SCREAM:  The untold story” –A documentary about the successful horror series for the Biography Channel to air in the fall just in time for Halloween.  The project was shot with a SONY   EX1  HD system provided by Pro HD Rentals, and crew provided by Loyal Studios. Loyal Studios combines the latest high definition technology with editorial and technical support in order to provide a complete solution for producers looking to streamline production and reduce overall costs.

Bob Bekian and Rose McGowen at Loyal Studios Burbank

The stage doors opened for the first time to greet the incredible talents of Wes Craven, David Arquette, Rose McGowen, Neve Campbell, and Bob Weinstein.  “We are always honored to work with talents like Wes Craven and Rose McGowan” Bekian says. ” And the scream franchise is a great example of how a story can be scary and funny at the same time”

Bob Bekian about to be stabbed!

Horror fans now have something new regarding their favorite classic to sink their claws into.

“SCREAM: The Untold Story” is scheduled to air on the Biography Channel in fall of 2011. For more information regarding this production or the facilities used, visit Scream: The Inside Story and www.loyalstudios.tv

Bob Bekian Team

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