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Loyal Studios Produces Multiple Snoop Dogg Projects

Snoop Dogg in Loyal Studios Santa Monica

Snoop Dogg is arguably one of the most recognizable talents in the world, dominating the R&B charts as well as appearing in movies and television.  Snoop has chosen Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian to co-produce three of his latest projects.

Snoop on the monitor at Loyal Studios

The first project–a music video with Young Dre called “Cheah Bah”–was developed to launch the video game “Fight Night 4” by Electronic Arts (EA).  “We brought in Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins, and Sugar Shane Mosely to box with Snoop on our pre-lit green screen stage, and I’ll go on record saying that Snoop’s got some moves,” Bekian smiled.  “Then we brought in Snoop’s ‘Lakermobile” –a 1965 Pontiac Catalina.  Snoop and Mike Epps simulated a ride-along in front of the green screen.”

The final product was composited, and a live kick-off of the video game premiered with Mike Tyson and Snoop battling live at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA.

Bishop, Snoop Dogg and Bob Bekian shooting at Loyal Studios Santa Monica digital stage

The second collaboration with Snoop and Loyal Studios was for Branded Content, promoting Adidas and Skull Candy Headphones.  “We set up a desk and chairs on our pre-lit stage in Santa Monica, and had Snoop and Bishop joke back and forth and comment on current events,” says Bekian.  “It was hilarious, and much of it ad-libbed.”  This was done while Addidas and Skull Candy headphones were being promoted and used. “Snoop is an incredible talent”, Bekian adds ” Besides his rapping and performance talents, he is a gifted comedian, writer and businessman, so it’s great to work with him  on so many levels”.

Snoop driving his Lakermobile on the Loyal Studios green screen

The third recent collaboration between Snoop and Loyal Studios was a commercial for Pepsi Max.  “We set up a fireplace scenario with the Pepsi Max guy and Snoop chatting by the fireplace as Snoop reads the Pepsi Max version of “The Night Before Christmas,” comments Bekian.  “The final outcome got over 250,000 hits on Youtube in one week..”

Snoop Dogg is Loyal, displaying his Loyal Studios t-shirt during his 3rd visit to Loyal Studios

Advertising is changing, and Loyal Studios in Burbank and Santa Monica specialize in completely producing and equipping a shoot so that the creative teams can focus on their objectives, while Loyal handles the logistics of the production, venue, and crew.  Snoop also gave Loyal an endorsement for the edgy new apparel line Loyal Studios has launched.

“We shot these projects on the SONY EX1 and Canon 5D camera systems, which are tapeless, high definition workflows,” adds Bekian. The final content was edited on Apple Final Cut system with after effects.

Snoop ,Bob and Young Dre

Snoop Dogg for the Holidays at Loyal Studios New York Set in Santa Monica

To see the Adidas and Pepsi Max commercials, visit Snoop Dogg’s site.

For more information on Loyal Studios, please click on www.loyalstudios.tv

Bob Bekian Team

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