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Michael Madsen Shoots Bob Bekian in “MADOFF: MADE OFF WITH AMERICA”

Bob Bekian Firing an MP5 on Loyal Studios green screen in Santa Monica

Made Off With America poster

Loyal Studios makes it a priority to take part in every aspect of the creative process to provide a professional, smooth production experience behind the camera.  Occasionally, the crew is asked to participate creatively in front of the camera as well.

Such was the case with Edmund Druilhet’s latest movie about the sinister “Satan of Wall Street”, Bernie Madoff, entitled “Made Off With America.”  Bob Bekian –producer and owner of Loyal Studios– was given the opportunity to trade in his production hat for a chance to fire a an actual MP5 automatic machine gun (with live blanks) with Michael Madsen and get then “shot” with live squibs propelling stage blood from his torso.

Real Guns used on the set

Setting up a shot in Loyal Studios

“I jumped at the opportunity to be in the film when Edmund ask me to,” Bekian says.

“And as a big fan of Michael Madsen, it was an experiance I’ll always remember” Bekian adds.

“The easy part was firing the 9mm automatic machine guns, the tough part

Exploding squibs as Bob gets shot on set

was getting shot.”  He says.  “The fake blood packets (squibs) are taped to your chest with mini explosive charges backed by a steel plate. In order to look realistic, you have to recoil back based on where the bullet is supposed to hit, then fall dead.

After practicing this fall 25 times, I gained a new appreciation for stunt work!” Bekian reported. “Working with talent like Michael Madsen reminds me of some of Hollywood’s legendary leading men.

Michael Madsen and Bob Bekian outside Loyal Studios Santa Monica

“I think a comparison to Robert Mitchum would be appropriate (and I don’t think Michael would object)” added Bekian.

Michael Madsen with the film's producers

Madsen and Bekian hit it off immediately, as they both collect vintage original movie posters of similar genres.  Loyal studios in Santa Monica and Burbank are known for their valuable framed original movie poster collections Bekian has assembled which are always popular with guests.

“Made Off With America” is based on the real-life story of Bernie Madoff, who defrauded thousands in the world largest and most infamous Ponzi scheme.

Bob Bekian takes aim at the camera

Shot at Loyal Studios in Santa Monica, Druilhet combines his vision with the talents of Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Michael Madson (“Kill Bill”), Rachel Hunter (“The Bench Warmers”), and introducing Paul Cohen as “Bernie Madoff.”

Bob Bekian rehearsing with an automatic machine gun

To learn more about “Made Off With America,” visit Satan Of Wall Street .

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv

Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB


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