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Loyal Studios Teams Up to Open “American Idol”

American Idol opening at Loyal Studios Burbank

Loyal Studios in Burbank has partnered up with Aerodrome Pictures –also known for producing the introduction of TMZ—  to create an incredible opening for the #1 rated show in America, “American Idol.”

Setting up lighting for American Idol opening

Aerodrome pictures is known for their incredible visual effects on shows like “Fox Sports“, “Swift Justice“, “The Ellen Show“, “America’s Got Talent” , and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“We are very honored to have Aerodrome as a client in our pre-lit studios, as they have a reputation in the industry as one of the best visual effects houses in Hollywood,” states Bob Bekian –owner of loyal Studios.

American Idol films at Loyals Studios

American Idol has set up in the Loyal Studios Burbank stage in the past, filming the talented Katharine McPhee for the most recent episode of “American Idol Rewind.”  The team was impressed by Loyal Studios enough that they contacted Bob Bekian when the need arose for professional green screen that is pre-lit and has the technical features for special effects and compositing. “We have engineered the studio with several important features like an overcove which allows for seamless low angle shots” Bekian adds.

Loyal Studios Production

Loyal Studios specializes in providing high definition digital chroma key studios, which are popular for compositing, and special effects.
“We take pride in our ability to fully service a production,

The finished product for American Idol opening sequence.

including a pre-lit digital studio, the latest  HD cameras and equipment, and a top technical support crew.” says Bekian .

For more information regarding Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv

To learn about Aerodrome and the works they are involved with, check out www.aerodrome.com

Check out www.americanidol.com for links, photos, and clips of all 10 seasons

Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB


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