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Brandy and Ray J Conduct “Family Business” at Loyal Burbank

Brandy and Ray J (courtesy VH1)

If you’ve ever watched VH1, then you’ve probably seen Brandy and Ray J’s show, “Family Business“.  The popular show documenting the lives of pop superstar siblings, Brandy Norwood, and her talented brother, Ray J Norwood, is well into season 2.  When they needed a venue to film the green screen interviews, Bob Bekian –owner of Loyal Studios, and Producer–was called, and arrangements in our new Burbank stage were made.  Brandy and Ray J. were among the first to shoot in the new studio, and helped begin what is sure to be a history of amazing talent that will grace the stage.  The appearance by the duo has contributed to the astronomical success of the opening of the Burbank facility.

Bob Bekian and Ray J

The show is produced by Loyal Studios client, 51 Minds, a successful reality show production company owned by Endemol that is responsible for such hits as “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” and “Rock of Love.”  As with “Family Business,” 51 Minds has spent many a day in our studio filming interviews for their productions, and were–of course–welcomed into our new studio with open arms.

Ray J on set at Loyal Studios

“‘Loyal’  isn’t just our name, but –as is evidenced by 51 Minds support of the new facility– is also our philosophy,” says Bob Bekian.  “We strive to make our clients comfortable, accommodated, appreciated and respected.  It’s our service that sets us apart.  And our name that makes us special.”  Kudos to 51 Minds and VH-1 for joining us on our newest journey.  And cheers to the shining stars of “Family Business,” —Brandy and Ray J— for making our studio that much brighter.

For more information about “Family Business,” visit www.vh1.com

For information about Loyal studios, visit www.loyalstudios.tv and www.bobbekian.com

Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB


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