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Dr. Drew’s Advice to “Teen Mom” Comes to Loyal Burbank

Dr. Drew in make-up at Loyal Studios

Loyal Studios has seen talent of all varieties in our pre-lit studio and  recently  we had the pleasure of opening our doors to the advice guru, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  The famous doctor, popularized by KROQ’s night time teen advice show entitled “Love Line,” made a house call to our Burbank studio.  His work bringing celebrities back from the brink of personal disaster on the famed show, “Celebrity Rehab“, turns now to the teens spotlighted in MTV’s popular program, “Teen Mom“.  In the interviews recorded on our pre-lit green screen stage, Dr. Drew dispenses priceless advice on sex, life, and the drastic change a baby brings to a new and unprepared family.  Despite whispers, Dr. Drew was not in the house to give advice to the employees of Loyal Studios and Pro HD Rentals regarding their feelings about high definition equipment.

“We four-walled the shoot by providing the venue, crew, cameras, lights, equipment and catering,” says Bob Bekian producer and  owner of Loyal Studios . “This is a revolutionary concept in the Production world,” Bekian says. “In the past, producers would need to deal with many different companies to put together a production like this.   This traditional production method of multiple vendors and rates is very costly and is one of the reasons production is leaving California.”  Loyal Studios specializes in servicing production requirements and keeping budgets under control with a one call service.

"Teen Mom" studio at http://www.loyalstudios.tv

For everything you need to know about Dr. Drew and the Teen Mom seasons, click Drew, and MTV

For more information about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv

If it’s equipment you’re after, then check out www.prohdrentals.com

To contact Bob Bekian to discuss helping keep production costs under control visit www.bobbekian.com

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