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Loyal and Bret Michaels Team Up for “Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels at Loyal Studios Burbank

Bret Michaels –a name that conjures up images of bandannas, guitars, and glam rock hair.  For the past few years, the lead vocalist of the  band, Poison, had taken his life to a new level with reality cameras tuned onto his music, life, and most  importantly, his love.  His goal: to find a woman who can –essentially– keep up with him.

Bret Michaels and Bob Bekian

VH1 brought Bret Michaels and his beautiful ladies into Loyal Studios’ Burbank studio to film interviews on the popular shows, “Rock of Love,” “Rock of Love: Charm School“, and “Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?”  It Seems there’s a lot of rocks in the house, but none rocks it better than Mr. Michaels .  Keeping it cool, his passion for music came through in the interviews shot on our pre-lit greenscreen stage.

“We have worked  alot with Brett over the years and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest Rock Stars you will ever meet” says Bob Bekian owner of Loyal Studios. “We are both into muscle cars and motorcycles so we hit it off immediately” Bekian adds. Brett is always happy to take photos with his adoring fans and patiently listen to their stories.

We were more than happy to have Michaels in our studio, and have built a relationship with the famous rocker.  Even after suffering a traumatic brain hemorrhage, Michaels never lost sight of the importance of living life to the fullest.   He has always been real to his fans and friends.  When asked once about a 4th season of “Rock of Love“, Michaels responded, “I feel that it should be something that changes up, but I still want that fun element. What you see is what you get with me.”  Whatever happens, we hope he will think of us for his future and ongoing projects.  If anyone can fight off the darkness and get back on his feet, it’s Bret, and with the love of his girls, general stubbornness, and an undeniable need to be kick ass, Bret will do just that.

Along with a career with Poison, a solo career, and a reality show career, Michaels has always made room to support his charity, the American Diabetes Association.  The monies for  winning “Celebrity Apprentice 3” were donated to this charity.

Loyal Studios knows how important it is to fight for causes that better humanity and the planet, and we are behind every celebrity that uses their status for the greater good.  We aim to keep production in California to make things easier on production companies.

For more information about Bret Michaels, you can visit his home page here.

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv



Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB


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