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Loyal Studios and Hulk Hogan Get Into the Ring

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart at Loyal Studios

1800LoanMart has stepped away from the cubicle and into the ring with world famous professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.  You may have seen the commercial with the lonely boyfriend or the banker, or heard the radio spot for the loan company last summer, focusing on helping individuals with bad or no credit to find a loan.

Hulk Hogan knocks some sense into a loan-troubled man

Terry Bollea –better known to the world as “Hulk Hogan“– has made a formidable career out of bodyslams, documenting family drama, commercials, the latest hit “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling,” on CMT, and his own line of fitness power fuel–“Hogan’s Energy“.  Through it all, the tough-as-nails athlete has always been careful to keep his image –and his family–away from the tabloids and in with the familiar professional wrestling champion aspiring wrestlers of three decades grew up with.

Jimmy Hart at Loyal Studios Santa Monica

The spot for 1800LoanMart also features Jimmy Hart –best known for “Wrestlemania“, and his presence in the WWE hall of fame.  In order to bring “Hulkamania” and Hart to the world of loans, 800LoanMart called up Bob Bekian with an unusual request:  build a wrestling ring on our pre-lit Santa Monica green screen stage.  Loyal Studios has received many a unique request in the past–such as gymnasts jumping off the roof, skateboarding off the outdoor urban set, and building a pirate ship for Disney’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”  Of course we agreed, and scratched down another memorable moment in Loyal Studios history.

Hulk Hogan and the Banker commercial for 800 Loan Mart

“We are thrilled that Loyal Studios was chosen to shoot these commercials with Hulk Hogan.  He was one-hundred percent professional, and great to work with,” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios.  Loyal Studios is a full-service production facility with locations in Santa Monica and Burbank. “It was a bit of a challenge to construct a full sized wrestling ring inside our studio, but we were able to pull it off, and execute the shoot.  We shot the commercials with the RED One, utilizing prime lenses, and constructed a special shooting platform high up over the ring in order to capture a birds-eye shot.”  Bekian adds, “We are always looking to work with our clients and producers to try and facilitate their production objectives and challenges, and in this case we were able to do accommodate their requirements.”  “It was also fun to work with Jimmy Hart, who complimented Hulk’s performance very well.  Both Hulk and Jimmy were very gracious to everyone on the set, which helped to keep the energy strong throughout a 15 hour shoot day.”

The world of professional wrestling has changed forever with Hulk Hogan’s name at the top of the mountain, and the mania will continue stronger than ever if the Hulkster has anything to do with it.  And he still has plenty more to say.

Love Hulk Hogan?  Visit his home page at Hulkhogan.com

Want to know more about Loyal Studios?  Click on Loyalstudios.tv

Get in on the deal with 800LoanMart.com



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