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Charlize Theron on the set of “Prometheus” with the RED EPIC camera system.

(Burbank,CA June 2012)   “Prometheus” is a 2012 Science Fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Damon Lindelof.  Starring Charlize TheronNoomi Rapace and Guy Pearce, the story takes place late in the 21st century and centers on the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as they follow a star map left by an ancient civilization. The crew seeks out the origins of humanity, but discover a threat that could cause the extinction of the human race.

The film was originally in development in the early 2000’s as the 5th Alien franchise, with both Ridley Scott (“Gladiator,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Kingdom of Heaven”) and powerhouse director, James Cameron (“Titanic,” “Avatar,” “Terminator”) developing ideas for a prequel to Scott’s 1979 classic film “Alien.”

Production began in April 2010 with extensive production design , creating the aspects of the shots needed to produce a realistic future world.

Cap from Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"

Behind the scenes production image from Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”

RED EPIC on a 3D rig

RED EPIC cameras configured with an 3ality Technica 3D system

Principal photography began in March 2011 with an estimated budget of $120 million. Filming took place almost entirely on practical sets on location in London, Iceland, Spain, and Scotland– including the James Bond 007 set at the world famous Pinewood studios.

The HD cameras used exclusively on the shoot were the RED EPIC systems, which are capable of extremely high 5k resolution.  The cameras were set up on specialized 3D rigs and were paired with Zeiss Ultra Primes and Angenieux Optimo Lenses.  “Cinematographer, Dariusz Wolski, has an incredible eye, and produced truly amazing sequences with these cameras,” noted Bob Bekian, president of Pro HD Rentals — who supplied several types of High Definition equipment for the production.  “ The 3ality Technica 3D systems are really the state-of-the-art configurations, and offer the most advanced type of 3d integration possible to manage the incredible amount of digital information two RED EPIC cameras can produce,” Bekian adds.


RED EPIC system provided by http://www.prohdrentals.com

20th Century Fox’s “Prometheus” opens June 8th  and will add to the list of 2012 large scale productions slated for release this summer, including the already successful “Avengers,” “Men in Black III,” and the soon to be released “Amazing Spiderman.”
For more information about “Prometheus,” visit foxmovies.com.

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United Monsters Talent Agency

What could be better than the Wolfman and Frankenstein terrorizing the cold starless nights?

Bob Bekian and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

How about these famous fiends striking fear into our hearts… and getting paid for it, too!  In a twist on life around the creatures of old Hollywood, renowned special FX make-up artists, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger (of KNB FX Group) give the famous 1950’s Universal Monsters a different role as employees of The United Monster Talent Agency (UMTA).  The chilling personae of Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolfman, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Invisible Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon lurk in wait for horror movie work with the headline “We’ll have our people scare your people!.”

The Creature in makeup

AMC posted the eight-minute short just before Halloween, which features guest appearances by “Hostel” director Eli Roth, Dana Gould, “Machete” co-director Robert Rodriguez, and “The Walking Dead’s” own executive producer and director, Frank Darabont (who fittingly plays a director).

Mother from "Psycho"

The short premiered in Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, late 2010.

After working with Loyal Studios president, Bob Bekian, on the hilarious, star-studded Farley Brothers comedy sketch, “Happy Birthday” (featuring Gerard Butler as a perverse leprechaun), Brett Ratner knew Loyal Studios could be an ideal partner to help film the promo for this “Monster” of a short film.  Bekian, –a life-long fan of the Universal Monsters and classic horror memorabilia collector—jumped at the chance to be the co-producer for UMTA, especially with spectacular make-up only KNB FX studios can provide.

Applying make-up at the KNB Effects lab

Nicotero has worked in Loyal Studios several times  in the past, and his artistic genius has been applied to the casts of all of  Quentin Tarantino’s, and Robert Rodriquez’ films.  He was noted on the hit make-up reality show, “Face Off”, and more recently as the special effects make-up designer for the graphic novel-inspired zombie series, “The Walking Dead.”

Dr. Frankenstein's Table

“Everyone who knows me knows that I have loved the universal monsters ever since I was a kid,” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios, and co-producer.  “I have a vast collection of original

Howard Berger adjusts the final Make-Up applicati

movie posters and lobby cards, toys, and props from the classic Universal horror library.  I am also excited to be producing an exclusive interview with Julie Adams, the female Lead in “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”, in our Santa Monica stage in May.  The opportunity to work with a legend like Greg Nicotero—whom I‘ve admired in all of his work, combined with the concept for this project—was an honor, and incredibly fun to be involved with. “

Greg Nicotero's Lab

KNB FX is the force behind some of Hollywood’s most memorable special effects and movies.  Greg Nicotero opened KNB FX in 1988 with long time friend, Howard Berger. Since then, he has marked his expertise on “Dances with Wolves,” “Sin City,” Transformers” and “Serenity”, “Spawn”, “The Green Mile,” “Inglorious Bastards,” “Predators,” “Splice,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and more than 200 credits in both make-up and special effects.

Setting up a scene ,Greg Nicotero directs the U.M.T.A.

Re-creating the Creature sequence shooting with the Sony F900

Working in the popular venue of 3D has been a challenge that Greg Nicotero was eager to undertake, as is shown on the incredibly detailed “Final Desintation 3D” and “Pirahna 3D.”  Creating “The United Monster Talent Agency” let Greg go back to the Universal Monsters that inspired him in his youth to bring to life creatures from our darkest imaginations, and to throw you headfirst into the fray of explosive science fiction features.

The “United Monster Talent Agency” stars Jaremy Aiello, Bob Burns and Jeffrey Combs, and was shot on the Sony F900.

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To See these monsters, click link to AMC or visit www.universalstudiomonsters.com

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Loyal and Bret Michaels Team Up for “Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels at Loyal Studios Burbank

Bret Michaels –a name that conjures up images of bandannas, guitars, and glam rock hair.  For the past few years, the lead vocalist of the  band, Poison, had taken his life to a new level with reality cameras tuned onto his music, life, and most  importantly, his love.  His goal: to find a woman who can –essentially– keep up with him.

Bret Michaels and Bob Bekian

VH1 brought Bret Michaels and his beautiful ladies into Loyal Studios’ Burbank studio to film interviews on the popular shows, “Rock of Love,” “Rock of Love: Charm School“, and “Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?”  It Seems there’s a lot of rocks in the house, but none rocks it better than Mr. Michaels .  Keeping it cool, his passion for music came through in the interviews shot on our pre-lit greenscreen stage.

“We have worked  alot with Brett over the years and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest Rock Stars you will ever meet” says Bob Bekian owner of Loyal Studios. “We are both into muscle cars and motorcycles so we hit it off immediately” Bekian adds. Brett is always happy to take photos with his adoring fans and patiently listen to their stories.

We were more than happy to have Michaels in our studio, and have built a relationship with the famous rocker.  Even after suffering a traumatic brain hemorrhage, Michaels never lost sight of the importance of living life to the fullest.   He has always been real to his fans and friends.  When asked once about a 4th season of “Rock of Love“, Michaels responded, “I feel that it should be something that changes up, but I still want that fun element. What you see is what you get with me.”  Whatever happens, we hope he will think of us for his future and ongoing projects.  If anyone can fight off the darkness and get back on his feet, it’s Bret, and with the love of his girls, general stubbornness, and an undeniable need to be kick ass, Bret will do just that.

Along with a career with Poison, a solo career, and a reality show career, Michaels has always made room to support his charity, the American Diabetes Association.  The monies for  winning “Celebrity Apprentice 3” were donated to this charity.

Loyal Studios knows how important it is to fight for causes that better humanity and the planet, and we are behind every celebrity that uses their status for the greater good.  We aim to keep production in California to make things easier on production companies.

For more information about Bret Michaels, you can visit his home page here.

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Brandy and Ray J Conduct “Family Business” at Loyal Burbank

Brandy and Ray J (courtesy VH1)

If you’ve ever watched VH1, then you’ve probably seen Brandy and Ray J’s show, “Family Business“.  The popular show documenting the lives of pop superstar siblings, Brandy Norwood, and her talented brother, Ray J Norwood, is well into season 2.  When they needed a venue to film the green screen interviews, Bob Bekian –owner of Loyal Studios, and Producer–was called, and arrangements in our new Burbank stage were made.  Brandy and Ray J. were among the first to shoot in the new studio, and helped begin what is sure to be a history of amazing talent that will grace the stage.  The appearance by the duo has contributed to the astronomical success of the opening of the Burbank facility.

Bob Bekian and Ray J

The show is produced by Loyal Studios client, 51 Minds, a successful reality show production company owned by Endemol that is responsible for such hits as “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” and “Rock of Love.”  As with “Family Business,” 51 Minds has spent many a day in our studio filming interviews for their productions, and were–of course–welcomed into our new studio with open arms.

Ray J on set at Loyal Studios

“‘Loyal’  isn’t just our name, but –as is evidenced by 51 Minds support of the new facility– is also our philosophy,” says Bob Bekian.  “We strive to make our clients comfortable, accommodated, appreciated and respected.  It’s our service that sets us apart.  And our name that makes us special.”  Kudos to 51 Minds and VH-1 for joining us on our newest journey.  And cheers to the shining stars of “Family Business,” —Brandy and Ray J— for making our studio that much brighter.

For more information about “Family Business,” visit www.vh1.com

For information about Loyal studios, visit www.loyalstudios.tv and www.bobbekian.com

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Loyal Studios Plugs Into the Tesla

Shane Bekian Test Drives the new Tesla

Remember when the idea of plugging your car into the house power was absurd and better left to science fiction?  It ranked right up there with the hover car from “Back to the Future II”.  And yet, we all wanted one.  Well, we can’t have a hover car just yet, but it is possible to park an electric car in your driveway and have an extension cord snaking across the floor to the wall.  We saw this a few years ago, but ever since General Motors pulled the plug on the electric car (so to speak), and with gas prices cresting $4, the nation has been clamoring for increased fuel efficiency.  Much to the chagrin of the big three automakers and countless petroleum companies, the return of the electric car is once again upon us and PlugInAmerica.org is there to launch a new campaign to educate consumers on the merits of electric powered vehicles.  The latest is the Tesla –named after famed genius and rival to Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, who pioneered Alternating Current, radio waves, public lighting, and the well known “Tesla Coil” that sits in many museums across the world, including the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.

The Tesla electric car at Loyal Studios Santa Monica

The “Tesla” is considered the King of Electric Vehicles. The campaign of public service announcements (PSAs) for Plug In America was produced at Loyal Studios’ Santa Monica location with a crew of passionate volunteers determined to re-educate the public, and raise awareness of alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the three very witty, insightful spots the folks at PluginAmerica.org also produced a ‘Making Of’ video that is filled with interviews and information, as well as providing a look at the inner workings of our very own Loyal Studios.  But best of all, in addition to the RAV4-EV vehicle that was at the studio, we had a couple of Tesla’s on site for those who participated in the project to take rides in. What an amazing demonstration of the capability of electric power!  The Tesla is a prime example of what is possible.  Best of all, electric cars don’t have to be boring, slow or limiting.  Loyal Studios and ProHD Rentals are proud to have participated in such an important message. ” We support plug in America and the drive to create less pollution” Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios states. ” We also try to be environmentally responsible in the way we run our studios.  We have an aggressive recycling program, and we reuse expendables as much as possible.”  Loyal Studios has partnered up with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), has worked with the American Heart Association, and worked with Michael Tobias  for his eco-aware, “State of the Earth” project.

Shane Bekian with the new Tesla

The future of our planet and, more importantly, our existence on this big blue ball depends on our current and future actions–with respect to natural resources, renewable resources, capital resources and, of course, human resources.  Please visit PlugInAmerica.org to learn more about the progress and importance of pushing forward electric vehicles.  The next in line may be the Hydrogen car.

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Bob Bekian and Coca Cola “Open Happiness”

Janelle and Cee-Lo relax with a zebra at Loyal Studios Santa Monica

Loyal Studios‘ Santa Monica location was the venue when Coca Cola shot a music video for the “Open Happiness” campaign on Loyal’s specialized greenscreen stage.  Using Loyal’s high definition crew, Coca Cola brought “Open City” to life in a special effects extravaganza of color and wonder.

Travis McCoy dances with his back-up on Loyal Studios green screen

Loyal Studios was chosen for this project  because of the specialized pre-lit digital stage that was engineered for high definition composting.  “This project has been very interesting because of the talent involved as well as the live zebra!”  Bob Bekian, co-producer, states, “It was a marathon seventeen hour shoot, but the end result was fantastic.”  Bekian adds, “And working with a brand like Coca Cola and their teams is an incredible experience.”

Loyal Studios has been host to artists such as LMFAO, Young Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Booda, as they’ve made some great music videos on our pre-lit green screen stages.  “We are continuing to keep the love for incredible music mixed with creativity alive in our studios” Bekian states, “And we are proud of our technical accomplishments and growing reputation in the digital compositing  world” Bekian adds.

Travis McCoy (L) and Brendon Urie (R) at Loyal Studios

“Open Happiness” is music video featuring the amazing talents of Cee-Lo Green, Travis McCoy of ‘Gym Class Heroes’, the beautiful Janelle Monae, Brendon Urie of ‘Panic at the Disco’ and Patrick Stump of ‘Fall Out Boy’.  These talented artists have teamed up to work with Coca Cola to create a project that was not only fun to watch, but life on the set was just as enjoyable to be a part of.

It was directed by award winning director, Alan Ferguson.  The song was co-written by Cee-Lo Green with production credits shared with Polow Da Don.

Loyal Studios aims to keep production in California by offering all components of a shoot so they can come together to create a professional product. Loyal studios is unique in that they own 75 HD camera systems and have specialized crews which are focused on producing professional HD digital content .

You can watch the full video at

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