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REALHD.TV to Produce “Cars of the Stars”

Paul Rodriguez

Bryce Bekian and Paul Rodriguez's 454 Camaro SS

Burbank, CA (01/01/12):

The public is fascinated with celebrity life, and –as with regulars folks, cars represent an extension of a celebrity’s personality.

Black Beauty green hornet

The "Black Beauty" from the Green Hornet Movie

From flashy to practical, classic to high tech, REALHD.TV is talking to celebrities about their cars and taking viewers behind the scenes to meet the stars and their “Rides.”

Snoop Dogg's 1965 Pontiac

Snoop Dogg's classic 1965 Pontiac "Lakermobile"

Southern California and the “Thirty Mile Zone” is a hotbed for the automotive culture, including those of the stars of the silver screen and those working in the Entertainment industry. Producer Bob Bekian combined the two to create a unique look at the Celebrities individual expression through their cars.  One of the most interesting cars is Snoop Dogg’s 1965 Pontiac Catalina with photo-realistic airbrushed paintings of all the Los Angeles Lakers with an honorary Snoop slamming a ball into the hoop (in full Laker uniform).  “That car reflects my love of the Lakers and this city,” Snoop says.”  I had the interior custom made with yellow and purple leather to represent my team’s colors.”

Kim Kardashian's Bentley

Kim Kardashian's Bentley rims with black rhinestones

La La Vasquez' Pink Range Rover

La La Vasquez' Pink Range Rover

Another interesting featured car is Kim Kardashian’s blacked out Bentley with custom made black rhinestone rims. This car gives new meaning to the term “bling.”  Kim’s good friend, La La Vasquez, rolls in a metallic pink Range Rover with custom wheels to match.  “Then there are the understated rides– like Will I Am‘s Tesla and Don Cheadle‘s Audi coupe.”  Bekian adds.

As a collector of vintage and performance cars himself, producer Bob Bekian has loved cars since his boyhood days in West L.A.  “We coveted our Hot Wheels and dreamed of a day when we would own and drive cool real cars ourselves, so this project is based on a long time passion and love for the auto culture in Southern California.”  An avid collector of boomer and Hollywood memorabilia, Bekian has acquired an important vintage Hot Wheels collection, which is used frequently in movies and television.

Bob Bekian's hot wheels collection

Bob Bekian's Vintage Hot Wheels collection

Bob Bekian and this 1969 Dodge Charger

Bob Bekian and his 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

REALHD.TV is a new lifestyle web channel that provides short form (2-5 minute) entertainment content to computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

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Bob Bekian Invites the “Jersey Shore” to California at Loyal Studios

The Cast of Jersey Shore

The Cast of Jersey Shore

DJ Pauly D's Rhrinestone Laptop at http://www.loyalstudios.tv

Ever since it aired in 2009 on MTV,  The Jersey Shore  has become a huge hit for the Network. Each of  the stars continues to produce and appear in individual  projects of their own as well as filming the next season of “Jersey Shore.” DJ “Pauly D” DelVecchio is branching out himself, venturing into multiple projects .

Bob Bekian, Producer and owner of Loyal Studios, brought the atmosphere of the “Jersey Shore” to the Burbank greenscreen stage for the latest Stargreetz commercial –set to air on www.stargreetz.com. ” Pauly is one of the most focused celebrities we have ever worked with” says Bekian. “He is very disciplined and has a great personal team around him”. Stargreetz is a electronic greeting card company that enables clients to order personal greetings from their favorite celebrities.

Pauly D with his crew at http://www.loyalstudios.tv


Nicki Minaj at http://www.loyalstudios.tv. She will be appearing on the Femme Fatale Tour 2011

Originally Paul DelVacchio, “Pauly D” has been on a roll lately. He originally had a background as a Disc Jockey from Johnston, Rhode Island.  Keeping with his roots, Pauly D brought the spinning funk of the club to a new line of apparel called “Dirty Couture.”  The edgy fashions give the underground scene a vibrant voice through music inspired clothing and accessories.  He was also voted best male Reality/Variety star at the Teen Choice Awards in 2011, and listed among the top 10 DJ’s in America.  A high label to uphold in a competitive industry. Loyal Studios and Bekian produced the Stargreetz spots by recreating a DJ booth and club at Loyal Studios in Burbank California. Using a combination of Panasonic P2 varicams and Canon 5D’s, The entire production was captured with a state of the art HD workflow that maximizes quaility and keeps production costs on-budget.

Pauly D. isn’t about to let himself be out done.  He is currently slated to join the iconic talents of Britney Spears, and the unique and beautiful, Nicki Minaj, on select dates for the “Femme Fatale Tour” this year.

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