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Producer Bob Bekian shooting a commercial at his Burbank studio

(Santa Monica, CA) – Producer and Media Entrepreneur, Bob Bekian, has always thought outside the box.  The former professional skateboarder from Venice, California, built a group of innovative media companies that leverage technology and creativity together to deliver high quality production services to thousands of clients.

Beginning with distributing blank professional media stock, Bekian partnered with the founder of Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW) and grew that company to the largest Sony and Panasonic professional media distributor in the world.  Bekian then created Pro HD Rentals, Greenscreenla.com, and Loyal Studios in the entertainment community before starting his own web channel known as RealHD.TV.

Snoop Dogg shooting an HD commercial at Loyal Studios in Santa Monica California

Bekian has produced over 800 commercials and music videos, reality show sequences, features, and internet projects in his high tech studios, and has worked  with and directed some of the biggest stars in the entertainment business, including Gerard Butler, Billy Crystal, Heidi Klum, and Don Cheadle.

“We were the first to develop a turn-key production solution,” Bekian says.  He was disappointed to see production leaving California because of the high cost and red tape that evolved after 100 years as the production capitol of the world.  In response, Bekian began consolidating the production process into one service rather than a fragmented group of steps producers traditionally deal with.

“Bob Bekian never accepts the status quo,” noted producer Brian Grazer.  “I think his combination of go-for-it skateboarding roots, and incredible creativity allowed him to see over the trees rather than getting bogged down with what people say can’t be done.”

Bob Bekian in his post production facility which offers clients a complete start to finish commercial production service.

Bekian’s Loyal Studios has become a self contained “production factory” providing a place where projects can be conceptualized, shot, edited, and then distributed very quickly and at a very reasonable cost.  Clients can view progress via the internet all over the world.

“I found that with many traditional ad agencies, there are a lot of egos and fear of making a decision,” Bekian adds.  “Often I would see the client on the sidelines while 10 people were debating about how to produce a commercial.  That is not the way we run our creative process.”  Loyal Studios uploads clients videos to dozens of web channels simultaneously, creating measurable web traffic and brand awareness for their product.

Loyal Studios Commercial production facilities include the most sophisticated camera systems and pre-lit greenscreen studios

Citing the collaborative approach his teams bring to each project combined with a one stop shop compiling the latest technologies, Bekian and his studios are on the move.  The new commercial division of Loyal Studios specializes in fully produced short form branded content and commercials.  Clients already include Snapple, Freeway Insurance, Jimmy Dean Breakfast Foods, Prius, Chevron and One Hour Energy products.  “We intent to keep production in California by producing quality ads that are affordable and effective,” adds Bekian.

For more information about Bob Bekian, visit www.bobbekian.com

For more information about Loyal Studios, check out www.loyalstudios.tv

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Hellyeah rock group


(April 2012, Burbank, CA) — Loyal Studios in Burbank has become a favorite for artists looking to produce high- definition greenscreen music videos.   The two stages in Burbank and Santa Monica have a history of hosting great talents from Snoop Dogg, to Jason Bonham, to Ray J and Bret Michaels, as well as producing videos for  Nicole Sherzinger, LMFAO, Odd Future and NeverShoutNever.

Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Hellyeah,” the formidable super-group is the latest to join the ranks on their way to their Asian tour to shoot a high concept video for their new album.  The group idea came about during the Tattoo the World tour in 2000 between Tom Maxwell from “Nothingface” and Chad Grey from the metal band “Mudyvane.”  Eventually, they convinced Vinny Paul from  Pantera” and “Damageplan” to take over the Drummer position from Nothingface’s Tommy Sickles.  Their first album self-entitled “Hellyeah” dropped on April 10th, 2007 through Epic Records, and quickly landed their single “Hellyeah” to the top 5 of American rock stations.

Tom Mawwell

Tom Maxwell

“Hellyeah rocked our studios hard,” says Producer and CEO of Loyal Studios, Bob Bekian.  “With our 2000 watt amplified playback system, the parking lot was literally shaking!”. “We shot this project with a series of cameras including the Canon 5D  with Zeiss prime lenses combined with the new RED digital Scarlett,” Bekian added.

Loyal studios is a favorite for music video productions  because of the high level of technical equipment and crew available to produce videos with the latest visual effects (“VFX”) and style.  The studio quickly gained a reputation for being a place that has the best cameras, crews and technical support as well as a place where artists feel comfortable and free to express themselves. The new addition of a complete  post production and editing studio inside the shooting location combined with their 75 HD camera systems has put Loyal Studios into a unique position to be able to offer a one-stop shop for Producers.

“Hellyeah’s” new album called “Band of Brothers” is set to release in stores across the U.S  June 5th, 2012.   The band remains in full creative swing, and is currently touring with Anthrax .

For more information about “Hellyeah,”click here.

To learn more about Loyal Studios and what we do, please visit loyalstudios.tv


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at Loyal Studios

Kim Kardashian stopped by the Loyal Studios Burbank green screen studio — not for an interview, but for a visit with her good friend, La La Vasquez.  La La was in the process of filming segments for her show “La La’s Full Court Life” now airing on VH1 . The Reality T.V star pulled into the parking lot in her customized black Bentley, and proceeded into the closed set as a V.I.P. guest. Kim and La La had their make-up done together, shot still photos, relaxed, and spent some time away from the media circus that surrounds Kim these days.

The two have been good friends for a long time and have remained loyal to each other despite their respective high profile lives.

Bryce with Kim Kardashian's car

Car enthusiast Bryce Bekian posing by Kim Kardashian's car at Loyal Studios, Burbank Photo:Bob Bekian

Despite the swarm of press feeding off Kim’s fresh divorce from Chris Humphries, Kim hasn’t let it slow her down.  She’s been very busy with her career.  She is currently preparing for her role  in Tyler Perry’s next movie “The Marriage Counselor,” and talks continue for her new Reality T.V show, “The Pussycat Dolls,” working with American Idol’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe.  And let’s not forget the show that helped make her famous with her sisters, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, and Kourtney with their mom, Kris –“Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Kim Kardashian behind the scenes at a photo shoot

Kim Kardashian behind the scenes at Loyal Studios

“There has been a lot of negative buzz in the media right now about Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage to Chris Humphries,” noted Bob Bekian, producer and owner of Loyal Studios, “But Kim is a very centered and generous person. She is always very gracious and kind to everyone when she comes in.” “La La is also a great person, always open and friendly to everyone on the set ” Bekian added.

Loyal Studios has produced over 800 commercials and television projects since its inception, and is a cutting edge “content factory”, producing video brand messaging content and helping clients spread their projects immediately to over 25 video sharing sites and social network venues.

Kim Kardashian in Make-Up

Kim Kardashian in Make-Up in the studio

For more on what Kim Kardashian is up to these days, check out her website.

For information on Loyal Studios, click www.loyalstudios.tv

For info on Bob Bekian, find out here.

click “La La’s Full Court Life” to see more on La La’s show on VH1.

Loyal and Bret Michaels Team Up for “Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels at Loyal Studios Burbank

Bret Michaels –a name that conjures up images of bandannas, guitars, and glam rock hair.  For the past few years, the lead vocalist of the  band, Poison, had taken his life to a new level with reality cameras tuned onto his music, life, and most  importantly, his love.  His goal: to find a woman who can –essentially– keep up with him.

Bret Michaels and Bob Bekian

VH1 brought Bret Michaels and his beautiful ladies into Loyal Studios’ Burbank studio to film interviews on the popular shows, “Rock of Love,” “Rock of Love: Charm School“, and “Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?”  It Seems there’s a lot of rocks in the house, but none rocks it better than Mr. Michaels .  Keeping it cool, his passion for music came through in the interviews shot on our pre-lit greenscreen stage.

“We have worked  alot with Brett over the years and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest Rock Stars you will ever meet” says Bob Bekian owner of Loyal Studios. “We are both into muscle cars and motorcycles so we hit it off immediately” Bekian adds. Brett is always happy to take photos with his adoring fans and patiently listen to their stories.

We were more than happy to have Michaels in our studio, and have built a relationship with the famous rocker.  Even after suffering a traumatic brain hemorrhage, Michaels never lost sight of the importance of living life to the fullest.   He has always been real to his fans and friends.  When asked once about a 4th season of “Rock of Love“, Michaels responded, “I feel that it should be something that changes up, but I still want that fun element. What you see is what you get with me.”  Whatever happens, we hope he will think of us for his future and ongoing projects.  If anyone can fight off the darkness and get back on his feet, it’s Bret, and with the love of his girls, general stubbornness, and an undeniable need to be kick ass, Bret will do just that.

Along with a career with Poison, a solo career, and a reality show career, Michaels has always made room to support his charity, the American Diabetes Association.  The monies for  winning “Celebrity Apprentice 3” were donated to this charity.

Loyal Studios knows how important it is to fight for causes that better humanity and the planet, and we are behind every celebrity that uses their status for the greater good.  We aim to keep production in California to make things easier on production companies.

For more information about Bret Michaels, you can visit his home page here.

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Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB

Sponsoring Laughs at the 2011 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival

LACS logo (courtesy lacomedyshorts.com)

The LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival is back in town for a weekend of laughs and hopefully production deals for the many talented and funny   It will showcase new comedic talent, show off the shorts of the hottest comedians, and bring the world of comedy right to your face.  Those lucky enough to be stared down by the judges and win will be poised the write their own deals as “Funny”= “Money”.

It is a Celebrity-filled event that has had famous faces as guests, panelists, and judges for both past and now present events.  Some Notables from iconic, and comedic movies and shows include “Futurama,” “Family Guy,” Boondocks,” “Modern Family,” “SNL,” “Star Wars,” “MAD TV,” “Breaking Bad,” “Reno 911,” “Glee,” “Austin Powers,” “The Office,” and “Robot Chicken”–plus and many many more.    Their mission objective is, “…dedicated to introducing the newest and hottest comedic talent to the industry, and helping them make the connections they need to take their careers to the next level.”  –from lacomedyshorts.com.

The festival began way back in the bygone days of 2009 when men were men, and women let them believe it.

Gary Anthony Williams (courtesy lacomedyshorts.com)

It is the brainchild of famous comedian/actor, Gary Anthony Williams of “Boston Legal” and the voice of ‘Uncle Ruckus’ on Adult Swim’sBoondocks”.  Gary provided an interview toRealTV Films during the 2009 festival, joking about what he hoped people would get out of the festival.  “I hope people will go home with their own cars, because under each seat, we’ve put car keys, they can go out to any car and drive away.”  But seriously, he speaks about the LACS, saying, “It’s been amazing.  The sponsors have really helped us out.  ….. they’ve all come through more than I ever hoped they would.”  Then humorously adds, “Mark Hamill owes me $0.58.”

If you look on the “Sponsors” page, you’ll notice a familiar black and gray fist under ‘Festival Patrons.’  Loyal Studios is standing right alongside some of the many respected companies supporting the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.  We do it because we love comedy, and we love the comedians that split our sides. “I am co-producing one of the projects with Snehal Patel, and we are happy to help make the event happen” says Bob Bekian, producer and owner of Loyal Studios.

The festival will run from April 7th—10th 2011.  To get your tickets, go Here.  The Venue:  The Downtown Independent Theater.

For all information regarding the festival, visit LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Like the Loyal fist on the Sponsors page?  Get the shirt here.  And if you like us, find out about what we do at www.loyalstudios.tv

Bob Bekian Team

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Dr. Drew’s Advice to “Teen Mom” Comes to Loyal Burbank

Dr. Drew in make-up at Loyal Studios

Loyal Studios has seen talent of all varieties in our pre-lit studio and  recently  we had the pleasure of opening our doors to the advice guru, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  The famous doctor, popularized by KROQ’s night time teen advice show entitled “Love Line,” made a house call to our Burbank studio.  His work bringing celebrities back from the brink of personal disaster on the famed show, “Celebrity Rehab“, turns now to the teens spotlighted in MTV’s popular program, “Teen Mom“.  In the interviews recorded on our pre-lit green screen stage, Dr. Drew dispenses priceless advice on sex, life, and the drastic change a baby brings to a new and unprepared family.  Despite whispers, Dr. Drew was not in the house to give advice to the employees of Loyal Studios and Pro HD Rentals regarding their feelings about high definition equipment.

“We four-walled the shoot by providing the venue, crew, cameras, lights, equipment and catering,” says Bob Bekian producer and  owner of Loyal Studios . “This is a revolutionary concept in the Production world,” Bekian says. “In the past, producers would need to deal with many different companies to put together a production like this.   This traditional production method of multiple vendors and rates is very costly and is one of the reasons production is leaving California.”  Loyal Studios specializes in servicing production requirements and keeping budgets under control with a one call service.

"Teen Mom" studio at http://www.loyalstudios.tv

For everything you need to know about Dr. Drew and the Teen Mom seasons, click Drew, and MTV

For more information about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv

If it’s equipment you’re after, then check out www.prohdrentals.com

To contact Bob Bekian to discuss helping keep production costs under control visit www.bobbekian.com

Bob Bekian Team

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Brandy and Ray J Conduct “Family Business” at Loyal Burbank

Brandy and Ray J (courtesy VH1)

If you’ve ever watched VH1, then you’ve probably seen Brandy and Ray J’s show, “Family Business“.  The popular show documenting the lives of pop superstar siblings, Brandy Norwood, and her talented brother, Ray J Norwood, is well into season 2.  When they needed a venue to film the green screen interviews, Bob Bekian –owner of Loyal Studios, and Producer–was called, and arrangements in our new Burbank stage were made.  Brandy and Ray J. were among the first to shoot in the new studio, and helped begin what is sure to be a history of amazing talent that will grace the stage.  The appearance by the duo has contributed to the astronomical success of the opening of the Burbank facility.

Bob Bekian and Ray J

The show is produced by Loyal Studios client, 51 Minds, a successful reality show production company owned by Endemol that is responsible for such hits as “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” and “Rock of Love.”  As with “Family Business,” 51 Minds has spent many a day in our studio filming interviews for their productions, and were–of course–welcomed into our new studio with open arms.

Ray J on set at Loyal Studios

“‘Loyal’  isn’t just our name, but –as is evidenced by 51 Minds support of the new facility– is also our philosophy,” says Bob Bekian.  “We strive to make our clients comfortable, accommodated, appreciated and respected.  It’s our service that sets us apart.  And our name that makes us special.”  Kudos to 51 Minds and VH-1 for joining us on our newest journey.  And cheers to the shining stars of “Family Business,” —Brandy and Ray J— for making our studio that much brighter.

For more information about “Family Business,” visit www.vh1.com

For information about Loyal studios, visit www.loyalstudios.tv and www.bobbekian.com

Bob Bekian Team

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