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childhelp logo

Childhelp Logo

(April, 2012 – Burbank, CA) — Loyal Studios in Burbank California has teamed up with Childhelp.org in order to continue the fight to prevent child abuse.

Childhelp.org, based in Scottsdale, AZ, has been helping children since 1959, when it was founded by Sara O’ Meara and Yvonne Fedderson who starred together on the popular sitom “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet“.

John O'Hurley

John O'Hurley

“Seinfeld’s” John O’Hurley conducted the  public service announcement for Childhelp.org at Loyal Studios in Burbank.   O’Hurley –who is also known as a finalist on the hit competition show “Dancing With the Stars,” and the voice of King Neptune on Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob Squarepants” — recently received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his humanitarian causes.  O’Hurley didn’t bat an eyelash when he took on the responsibility  to support Childhelp and everything they stand for.

Childhelp.org is a 59 year-old non-profit organization that raises money for the treatment and prevention of child abuse.  The organization has its roots in Hollywood, but now operates in locations across North America, Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Island, and Guam.   Their mission is to “meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children.” (www.childhelp.org)  Over 3 million reports of child abuse are made every year, but this doesn’t include the cases that go unheard.

Understanding the incredible importance of protecting our children, Loyal happily donated their HD production facilities and crew in Burbank for the project.

Childhelp main office

Childhelp main office

Producer and CEO of Loyal Studios, Bob Bekian, gladly agreed to be the outlet for O’Hurley’s message with Childhelp.  “Childhelp.org has really had an impact on the issue of child abuse by providing help and facilities to children in 6 different states.  There is also a 24/7 hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) that provides crisis counselors to those in need.  We support this great cause and urge others to help by going to the website and participating any way you can.”

For more information or to help, please visit www.childhelp.org  Abuse hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD

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The Battle for Lower Power Bills Begins with John Corbett and Energy Star Together

John Corbett

The global army of Green Energy has gained a new celebrity in the fight to bring more energy efficient rated appliances into American homes and businesses.  This noble cause runs strongly among the Who’s-Who of Hollywood that have taken up the mantle for lowering their carbon footprint.  Who better to light up the screen with his charming white smile, and charismatic presence but John Corbett.  Best known for his role as the enigmatic Aiden Shaw on “Sex and the City,” Chris Stevens in “Northern Exposure,” and Ian Miller in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  John agreed to work with the US Department of Energy (DEO) for the “Energy Star” division on a PSA.  The project focused on a contest between companies to see who can get the lowest power bill and reduce the amount of “Vampire Energy” used when equipment is left turned on or plugged into the wall.

Energy Star Logo

John Corbett has given himself the right edge in Hollywood with an extensive laundry list of film and television roles blazing through a career lasting over two decades that earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.   Though the busy star and country singer kept a demanding schedule for the PSA, he was upbeat, fun to work with, and signed autographs for his fans with a smile.

Loyal Studios was right there with John Corbett and the DOE to produce the shoot in our Burbank pre-lit green screen studio.  Bob Bekian–Producer and owner of Loyal Studios–was happy to open up his facility for the production. “We were thrilled to work with John and a professional Director of Photography like Stef Butler” says Bekian who coordinated the production through his Burbank facility of Loyal Studios.

Stef Butler, director of Photography hired by Colehour & Cohen, had only good things to say about the experience at Loyal Studios.   “It’s the first time I’d ever rented a studio, and I didn’t get nickled and dimed over lights, and actually had a stage manager that worked with us,” Butler says.  “He became one of the team.  That’s the first time this has happened for us in 24 years in the business.  We had an emergency, and [Loyal studios] saved our assets.”

Energy Star is a division of the US Department of Energy (DOE) that began in 1992.  The logo most everyone has seen on thousands of items from computers to heating and cooling systems (even windows) rates the amount of power devices use, and gauges how much said gadgets cost a year to run–like the MPG rating on a car.

Loyal Studios was thrilled to be able to bring the Energy Star PSA project onto our stage, and we understand how important it is to use energy intelligently and wisely.

To learn more about the Energy Star rating system, please click www.energy.gov

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv

To learn more about Colehour & Cohen, visit www.colehourcohen.com

Bob Bekian Team

Bob Bekian IMDB

Loyal Studios Plugs Into the Tesla

Shane Bekian Test Drives the new Tesla

Remember when the idea of plugging your car into the house power was absurd and better left to science fiction?  It ranked right up there with the hover car from “Back to the Future II”.  And yet, we all wanted one.  Well, we can’t have a hover car just yet, but it is possible to park an electric car in your driveway and have an extension cord snaking across the floor to the wall.  We saw this a few years ago, but ever since General Motors pulled the plug on the electric car (so to speak), and with gas prices cresting $4, the nation has been clamoring for increased fuel efficiency.  Much to the chagrin of the big three automakers and countless petroleum companies, the return of the electric car is once again upon us and PlugInAmerica.org is there to launch a new campaign to educate consumers on the merits of electric powered vehicles.  The latest is the Tesla –named after famed genius and rival to Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, who pioneered Alternating Current, radio waves, public lighting, and the well known “Tesla Coil” that sits in many museums across the world, including the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.

The Tesla electric car at Loyal Studios Santa Monica

The “Tesla” is considered the King of Electric Vehicles. The campaign of public service announcements (PSAs) for Plug In America was produced at Loyal Studios’ Santa Monica location with a crew of passionate volunteers determined to re-educate the public, and raise awareness of alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the three very witty, insightful spots the folks at PluginAmerica.org also produced a ‘Making Of’ video that is filled with interviews and information, as well as providing a look at the inner workings of our very own Loyal Studios.  But best of all, in addition to the RAV4-EV vehicle that was at the studio, we had a couple of Tesla’s on site for those who participated in the project to take rides in. What an amazing demonstration of the capability of electric power!  The Tesla is a prime example of what is possible.  Best of all, electric cars don’t have to be boring, slow or limiting.  Loyal Studios and ProHD Rentals are proud to have participated in such an important message. ” We support plug in America and the drive to create less pollution” Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios states. ” We also try to be environmentally responsible in the way we run our studios.  We have an aggressive recycling program, and we reuse expendables as much as possible.”  Loyal Studios has partnered up with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), has worked with the American Heart Association, and worked with Michael Tobias  for his eco-aware, “State of the Earth” project.

Shane Bekian with the new Tesla

The future of our planet and, more importantly, our existence on this big blue ball depends on our current and future actions–with respect to natural resources, renewable resources, capital resources and, of course, human resources.  Please visit PlugInAmerica.org to learn more about the progress and importance of pushing forward electric vehicles.  The next in line may be the Hydrogen car.

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