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Hellyeah rock group


(April 2012, Burbank, CA) — Loyal Studios in Burbank has become a favorite for artists looking to produce high- definition greenscreen music videos.   The two stages in Burbank and Santa Monica have a history of hosting great talents from Snoop Dogg, to Jason Bonham, to Ray J and Bret Michaels, as well as producing videos for  Nicole Sherzinger, LMFAO, Odd Future and NeverShoutNever.

Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Hellyeah,” the formidable super-group is the latest to join the ranks on their way to their Asian tour to shoot a high concept video for their new album.  The group idea came about during the Tattoo the World tour in 2000 between Tom Maxwell from “Nothingface” and Chad Grey from the metal band “Mudyvane.”  Eventually, they convinced Vinny Paul from  Pantera” and “Damageplan” to take over the Drummer position from Nothingface’s Tommy Sickles.  Their first album self-entitled “Hellyeah” dropped on April 10th, 2007 through Epic Records, and quickly landed their single “Hellyeah” to the top 5 of American rock stations.

Tom Mawwell

Tom Maxwell

“Hellyeah rocked our studios hard,” says Producer and CEO of Loyal Studios, Bob Bekian.  “With our 2000 watt amplified playback system, the parking lot was literally shaking!”. “We shot this project with a series of cameras including the Canon 5D  with Zeiss prime lenses combined with the new RED digital Scarlett,” Bekian added.

Loyal studios is a favorite for music video productions  because of the high level of technical equipment and crew available to produce videos with the latest visual effects (“VFX”) and style.  The studio quickly gained a reputation for being a place that has the best cameras, crews and technical support as well as a place where artists feel comfortable and free to express themselves. The new addition of a complete  post production and editing studio inside the shooting location combined with their 75 HD camera systems has put Loyal Studios into a unique position to be able to offer a one-stop shop for Producers.

“Hellyeah’s” new album called “Band of Brothers” is set to release in stores across the U.S  June 5th, 2012.   The band remains in full creative swing, and is currently touring with Anthrax .

For more information about “Hellyeah,”click here.

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Loyal Studios and Bob Bekian host Nicole Scherzinger and Jason Bonham

Jason Bonham on drums

We love music, and as such we love working with the creative artists that bring us that music.  Loyal Studios has been the home for

Nicole Rocks Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" at Loyal Studios in Burbank California

musicians both known and new –such as Italian rock star “Glam”, Snoop Dogg, Young Dre, Travis McCoy, LMFAO, Fall Out Boy, Cee-Lo, Booda, Ray J,and  popular childrens’ rock star “Riff Rockit” to name a few.

We are more than happy to offer our Burbank facility to the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of “Pussycat Dolls”, and Jason Bonham, son of John Bonham,of the infamous  “Led Zeppelin”.   Against a white studio background , The spot was for ESPN’s NBA Playoff schedule.

“Technically we shot on the Panasonic Varicam system along with a Fisher dolly and a 15’ track system” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios.

Jason Bonham and Bob Bekian at Loyal Studios Burbank in front of some of Bekian's original Led Zeppelin posters

“The client wanted a huge light source, so we provided an ARRI T12 10,000 watt source with a huge Chimera,” Bekian added.  “The whole light system with Chimera reminded me of a Volkswagen due to its large size.”

Dolly shot of Jason Bonham at Loyal Studios Burbank

The studio rocked with  Nicole’s beautiful voice singing a Led Zeppelin classic “Black Dog” with Bonham on drums. The spot will air on ESPN during the NBA Playoffs to promote the playoff series.

“Both Nicole and Bonham are incredible performers” added Bekian. “She did that song justice, and John Bonham would be proud to hear his son honor his music the way he does.”  EXTRA came in to cover the story and interview Nicole who confessed she Loves Led Zeppelin and NBA Basketball, which showed in her incredible energy and brilliant performance.

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