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The Battle for Lower Power Bills Begins with John Corbett and Energy Star Together

John Corbett

The global army of Green Energy has gained a new celebrity in the fight to bring more energy efficient rated appliances into American homes and businesses.  This noble cause runs strongly among the Who’s-Who of Hollywood that have taken up the mantle for lowering their carbon footprint.  Who better to light up the screen with his charming white smile, and charismatic presence but John Corbett.  Best known for his role as the enigmatic Aiden Shaw on “Sex and the City,” Chris Stevens in “Northern Exposure,” and Ian Miller in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  John agreed to work with the US Department of Energy (DEO) for the “Energy Star” division on a PSA.  The project focused on a contest between companies to see who can get the lowest power bill and reduce the amount of “Vampire Energy” used when equipment is left turned on or plugged into the wall.

Energy Star Logo

John Corbett has given himself the right edge in Hollywood with an extensive laundry list of film and television roles blazing through a career lasting over two decades that earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.   Though the busy star and country singer kept a demanding schedule for the PSA, he was upbeat, fun to work with, and signed autographs for his fans with a smile.

Loyal Studios was right there with John Corbett and the DOE to produce the shoot in our Burbank pre-lit green screen studio.  Bob Bekian–Producer and owner of Loyal Studios–was happy to open up his facility for the production. “We were thrilled to work with John and a professional Director of Photography like Stef Butler” says Bekian who coordinated the production through his Burbank facility of Loyal Studios.

Stef Butler, director of Photography hired by Colehour & Cohen, had only good things to say about the experience at Loyal Studios.   “It’s the first time I’d ever rented a studio, and I didn’t get nickled and dimed over lights, and actually had a stage manager that worked with us,” Butler says.  “He became one of the team.  That’s the first time this has happened for us in 24 years in the business.  We had an emergency, and [Loyal studios] saved our assets.”

Energy Star is a division of the US Department of Energy (DOE) that began in 1992.  The logo most everyone has seen on thousands of items from computers to heating and cooling systems (even windows) rates the amount of power devices use, and gauges how much said gadgets cost a year to run–like the MPG rating on a car.

Loyal Studios was thrilled to be able to bring the Energy Star PSA project onto our stage, and we understand how important it is to use energy intelligently and wisely.

To learn more about the Energy Star rating system, please click www.energy.gov

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To learn more about Colehour & Cohen, visit www.colehourcohen.com

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Billy Crystal Calls Loyal Studios for Multiple Projects

Billy Crystal on set at Loyal Studios in Santa Monica

Billy Crystal is a name that is synonymous with comedy, and also with many important causes. He has created incredible characters such as Mike Wazowski of “Monsters Inc.,” Harry Burns of “When Harry Met Sally,” Mitch Robbins of “City Slickers,” Larry from “Throw Mamma From The Train,”to name a few. His many roles  on the sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” are legendary. Loyal Studios has had the esteemed privilege of playing host to various projects and productions that Mr. Crystal has been involved in.  After his first shoot in our Santa Monica stage, he was so impressed that Loyal Studios has become his boutique studio of choice.

Bob Bekian and Billy Crystal smile for the camera

“We’re always very happy to work with Billy Crystal, who is not only funny, but also takes his causes very seriously; such as endorsing the Jewish University”  says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal studios.

The eight-time Oscar host has supported the performing arts department of the Jewish University for over a decade, understanding how important it is to keep the flame of artistic freedom alive among the students.  We were fortunate to have his creative force at Loyal Studios for this project. “Many celebrities use teleprompters and have others write their lines” says Bekian. ” But Billy Crystal showed incredible professionalism and delivered his lines expertly to the camera”. Its refreshing to see that level of discipline.

Another of his projects was a commercial for IBM and his involvement as host for the 2009 Impact conference in Las Vegas. Once again Billy Crystal delivered his lines flawlessley and even added some improvisation that had the entire crew and studio laughing.

Billie Holiday BBC documentary

Another project Billy Crystal did at Loyal Studios was  for a documentary by the BBC in focusing on the life of the famous jazz singer, Billie Holiday.  He spoke of his childhood growing up in New York City with Billie as his babysitter on a number of occasions, and how much she influenced his life for the better.  His Uncle owned Commodore Records, which recorded many of Billie Holiday’s songs.  In a quote on the BBC documentary in 2009 entitled “Angel of Harlem”, Billy Crystal looks back with fondness as he retells of his uncle’s shop on ‘Swing street.’  “For my part, I am so proud that my family was involved in the record that Time magazine would one day vote ‘the most important release of the 20th century’.”

For more information about Billy Crystal and his career, please visit his IMDB page.

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Loyal Studios and Hulk Hogan Get Into the Ring

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart at Loyal Studios

1800LoanMart has stepped away from the cubicle and into the ring with world famous professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.  You may have seen the commercial with the lonely boyfriend or the banker, or heard the radio spot for the loan company last summer, focusing on helping individuals with bad or no credit to find a loan.

Hulk Hogan knocks some sense into a loan-troubled man

Terry Bollea –better known to the world as “Hulk Hogan“– has made a formidable career out of bodyslams, documenting family drama, commercials, the latest hit “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling,” on CMT, and his own line of fitness power fuel–“Hogan’s Energy“.  Through it all, the tough-as-nails athlete has always been careful to keep his image –and his family–away from the tabloids and in with the familiar professional wrestling champion aspiring wrestlers of three decades grew up with.

Jimmy Hart at Loyal Studios Santa Monica

The spot for 1800LoanMart also features Jimmy Hart –best known for “Wrestlemania“, and his presence in the WWE hall of fame.  In order to bring “Hulkamania” and Hart to the world of loans, 800LoanMart called up Bob Bekian with an unusual request:  build a wrestling ring on our pre-lit Santa Monica green screen stage.  Loyal Studios has received many a unique request in the past–such as gymnasts jumping off the roof, skateboarding off the outdoor urban set, and building a pirate ship for Disney’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”  Of course we agreed, and scratched down another memorable moment in Loyal Studios history.

Hulk Hogan and the Banker commercial for 800 Loan Mart

“We are thrilled that Loyal Studios was chosen to shoot these commercials with Hulk Hogan.  He was one-hundred percent professional, and great to work with,” says Bob Bekian, owner of Loyal Studios.  Loyal Studios is a full-service production facility with locations in Santa Monica and Burbank. “It was a bit of a challenge to construct a full sized wrestling ring inside our studio, but we were able to pull it off, and execute the shoot.  We shot the commercials with the RED One, utilizing prime lenses, and constructed a special shooting platform high up over the ring in order to capture a birds-eye shot.”  Bekian adds, “We are always looking to work with our clients and producers to try and facilitate their production objectives and challenges, and in this case we were able to do accommodate their requirements.”  “It was also fun to work with Jimmy Hart, who complimented Hulk’s performance very well.  Both Hulk and Jimmy were very gracious to everyone on the set, which helped to keep the energy strong throughout a 15 hour shoot day.”

The world of professional wrestling has changed forever with Hulk Hogan’s name at the top of the mountain, and the mania will continue stronger than ever if the Hulkster has anything to do with it.  And he still has plenty more to say.

Love Hulk Hogan?  Visit his home page at Hulkhogan.com

Want to know more about Loyal Studios?  Click on Loyalstudios.tv

Get in on the deal with 800LoanMart.com



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Loyal and Bret Michaels Team Up for “Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels at Loyal Studios Burbank

Bret Michaels –a name that conjures up images of bandannas, guitars, and glam rock hair.  For the past few years, the lead vocalist of the  band, Poison, had taken his life to a new level with reality cameras tuned onto his music, life, and most  importantly, his love.  His goal: to find a woman who can –essentially– keep up with him.

Bret Michaels and Bob Bekian

VH1 brought Bret Michaels and his beautiful ladies into Loyal Studios’ Burbank studio to film interviews on the popular shows, “Rock of Love,” “Rock of Love: Charm School“, and “Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?”  It Seems there’s a lot of rocks in the house, but none rocks it better than Mr. Michaels .  Keeping it cool, his passion for music came through in the interviews shot on our pre-lit greenscreen stage.

“We have worked  alot with Brett over the years and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest Rock Stars you will ever meet” says Bob Bekian owner of Loyal Studios. “We are both into muscle cars and motorcycles so we hit it off immediately” Bekian adds. Brett is always happy to take photos with his adoring fans and patiently listen to their stories.

We were more than happy to have Michaels in our studio, and have built a relationship with the famous rocker.  Even after suffering a traumatic brain hemorrhage, Michaels never lost sight of the importance of living life to the fullest.   He has always been real to his fans and friends.  When asked once about a 4th season of “Rock of Love“, Michaels responded, “I feel that it should be something that changes up, but I still want that fun element. What you see is what you get with me.”  Whatever happens, we hope he will think of us for his future and ongoing projects.  If anyone can fight off the darkness and get back on his feet, it’s Bret, and with the love of his girls, general stubbornness, and an undeniable need to be kick ass, Bret will do just that.

Along with a career with Poison, a solo career, and a reality show career, Michaels has always made room to support his charity, the American Diabetes Association.  The monies for  winning “Celebrity Apprentice 3” were donated to this charity.

Loyal Studios knows how important it is to fight for causes that better humanity and the planet, and we are behind every celebrity that uses their status for the greater good.  We aim to keep production in California to make things easier on production companies.

For more information about Bret Michaels, you can visit his home page here.

To learn more about Loyal Studios, please visit www.loyalstudios.tv



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Sponsoring Laughs at the 2011 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival

LACS logo (courtesy lacomedyshorts.com)

The LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival is back in town for a weekend of laughs and hopefully production deals for the many talented and funny   It will showcase new comedic talent, show off the shorts of the hottest comedians, and bring the world of comedy right to your face.  Those lucky enough to be stared down by the judges and win will be poised the write their own deals as “Funny”= “Money”.

It is a Celebrity-filled event that has had famous faces as guests, panelists, and judges for both past and now present events.  Some Notables from iconic, and comedic movies and shows include “Futurama,” “Family Guy,” Boondocks,” “Modern Family,” “SNL,” “Star Wars,” “MAD TV,” “Breaking Bad,” “Reno 911,” “Glee,” “Austin Powers,” “The Office,” and “Robot Chicken”–plus and many many more.    Their mission objective is, “…dedicated to introducing the newest and hottest comedic talent to the industry, and helping them make the connections they need to take their careers to the next level.”  –from lacomedyshorts.com.

The festival began way back in the bygone days of 2009 when men were men, and women let them believe it.

Gary Anthony Williams (courtesy lacomedyshorts.com)

It is the brainchild of famous comedian/actor, Gary Anthony Williams of “Boston Legal” and the voice of ‘Uncle Ruckus’ on Adult Swim’sBoondocks”.  Gary provided an interview toRealTV Films during the 2009 festival, joking about what he hoped people would get out of the festival.  “I hope people will go home with their own cars, because under each seat, we’ve put car keys, they can go out to any car and drive away.”  But seriously, he speaks about the LACS, saying, “It’s been amazing.  The sponsors have really helped us out.  ….. they’ve all come through more than I ever hoped they would.”  Then humorously adds, “Mark Hamill owes me $0.58.”

If you look on the “Sponsors” page, you’ll notice a familiar black and gray fist under ‘Festival Patrons.’  Loyal Studios is standing right alongside some of the many respected companies supporting the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.  We do it because we love comedy, and we love the comedians that split our sides. “I am co-producing one of the projects with Snehal Patel, and we are happy to help make the event happen” says Bob Bekian, producer and owner of Loyal Studios.

The festival will run from April 7th—10th 2011.  To get your tickets, go Here.  The Venue:  The Downtown Independent Theater.

For all information regarding the festival, visit LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Like the Loyal fist on the Sponsors page?  Get the shirt here.  And if you like us, find out about what we do at www.loyalstudios.tv

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